Job Openings - Equipment Finance Company

We believe the best people in the world work right here. And we believe you could be one of them. You’ve got enthusiasm, work ethic, and ambition. We’ve got flexible schedules, benefits and jobs that can turn into satisfying careers. It’s a perfect match.

Our environment is professional, fun and extremely fast paced. We have been in business at this location for more than 10 years. We have the ability to get all transactions funded. We do an excellent job with the “A” business through our discounted lines and we can also get startups and challenged credits done better than anyone in the industry.

We are great at thinking outside the box to get difficult transactions funded and we have a strong support system in place for building, developing, and maintaining long term vendor and client relationships. We are located in a beautiful office building with huge windows and our view of Palm Trees and Downtown Long Beach provides a positive upbeat environment for our team. This is a long-term career opportunity with plenty of room for growth and personal development. We have more than 25 years’ of successful experience and are on pace for our best year ever!

To schedule an interview, call 1-562-472-0500 or send your resume to us via email now at

Dear Matrix Business Capital,

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your team!

The skills that I have learned at Matrix have not only opened new possibilities for my career, but for my life as a whole. It has been a pleasure working will all of your Jesse Matrix Business Capital, Long Beachstaff and I am proud to be able say that I was one of the founding members of a company that stands for integrity, teamwork, personal development, health, and a profound commitment to make sure that all of the people we serve have the best experience possible.

Matrix helped me get my drivers License, my first Mercedes Benz at the age of 19, realize the endless possibilities for my life and the possibilities of others, live a healthier and more energetic Life, and taught me the importance of continuous self-improvement and education. I truly believe that Matrix Business Capital has given me the foundation for the rest of my life. I hope to stay in touch with all of you so that we may see each others dreams come true.

Jesus D. Negrete

Dear Matrix Business Capital,

I have worked for several equipment lease companies throughout my 10 plus years of being in the industry. While working at Matrix Business Capital, I noticed that the company was the most structured and organized than any of the other companies. Management sets you up for success. They have a rigorous training program to make sure that you understand the industry. From Back Office to Sales to Management, everybody knows their roles and they do their very best. One huge and positive factor here is that the Leaders lead by example which in its own is a rarity. Everybody is motivated to reach their ‘personal freedoms’ and goals and this company actually helps people get where the want to be in

The customers at Matrix are assured the best service and treatment. Matrix does their best at getting exactly what the customers need to help their business, regardless of their situation. I have been a part of several transactions here where other lease companies would definitely quit; Matrix strives even harder and gets what the customer needs!

Matrix truly does uphold their statement of being ‘The Greatest Leasing Company Ever’.

Allen Santos